Latin Mass

We hold steadfast in the Traditions of Holy Mother Church, in particular the promulgation of the Traditional Latin Mass as set out by the Holy Father's Motu Proprio. We strive to make known the treasures of Catholicism in order to combat the acceleration of secularism, especially as it attempts to creep into Holy Mother Church as foretold by Our Lady of Akita.

The Beauty and Graces offered by the Latin Mass should not be thrown to the wayside. It is the Mass that has been used by the Catholic Church for almost 1500 years. One of the great strengths of the Latin Mass is its uniformity. Wherever Catholics go in the world the Latin Mass is exactly the same. The movements and gestures of the Mass are clearly prescribed, so there is no room for "personalization" of the liturgy. This factor works hand in hand with Holy Mother Church's mission of Unity and establishes something for us Catholics to truly and humbly boast. And the time-honoured Latin of the Mass reverently reflects the sacrificial nature of the celebration. Most importantly the Latin Mass secures the appropriate level of sanctity and reverence due Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is truly present in the Eucharist, and as such demands such a level of respect and reverence by which the Latin Mass is founded.

The Second Vatican Council was a true Church council however the massive destruction it has caused is not due to the misinterpretation of the Council's documents, but rather the documents themselves. The Novus Ordo mass is a valid Mass if done correctly, however it is inferior to the Traditional Latin Mass. The Novus Ordo is Protestant oriented in nature and at the present is grieviously harmful to the Faith.
Defensor Fidei Milite!