Thursday, February 27, 2014

Feast of St. Gabriel Posenti

Check out Fr. Z's post here for the whole sha-BANG! Lol! Pun intended... May St. Gabriel Posenti intercede for us on our rights to bear arms; that this current administration would instead of disarming law abiding citizens would adjudicate the current laws that have been in place and work; if the Court system and the Attorney General Eric Holder stand behind them and prohibit those who continually possess firearms illegally from doing so and giving those who do not know how to obey the law a deserved punishment instead of a slap on the wrist to go out and do it again.Let the Government realize that by disarming its citizens they are opening the door to more violent crimes and civil unrest. With the cooperation of St. Michael may he give those in charge over us common sense to do what is right and to protect our God given rights to defend ourselves. Even from the Government which is always one step away from tyrany if Good Men do Nothing!!!!

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