Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Richard Barber's: The Knight and Chivalry

A very detailed book, I must say! Extensive history and very informative on the subjects.

Of most importance Barber discusses the concept of service to the Knight and even states outright that it is nonetheless central to knighthood. There is an unremarkable truth to this statement! Because as all of Us who are Knights know, that we must indeed be in service to others; especially Holy Mother Church. Which leads to another great point he brings up:

As the hauberk safeguards the body so the knight safeguards the Church; as the helm defends the head so the knight defends the Church; as the fear of the lance drives back the unarmed so the knight drives back the Church's ememies. The two edges of the sword show that the knights serves both God and the people, and it's point shows that all people must obey him. The horse that carries him represents the people, whom the knight must lead, but who support him and give him the wherewithal for an honorable life.

This is an important reminder to us knights of how we are needed by Holy Mother Church, the hardships we must endure for Her protection and for the protection of Her people. And as Knights we must respect the lives of others and life in general. For without the Church and people we would not be needed, and our existence would be without purpose.

So being that we have a purpose and a constant mission to fullfill we will continue to drive forward and serve and defend Holy Mother Church and Her members.

Deus Vult!

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